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[Written at 11:28pm on 2.8.11 ]
Hello I haven't seen you in a while. How are you? .. Me> I'm fine, keepin' busy. Well it was good to see you again, maybe I'll see you soon. Bye

[Written at 11:09pm on 1.14.10 ]
Everything is wellllll.
Ive been working at this office for a while now its a pretty sweet job.
I turn 21 on Tuesday =]

[Written at 9:22pm on 10.8.09 ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ive been interning at a Doctors office. I really like it and they already offered me a job so thats pretty sweet. Everything else is well, Ive been doing great...For once. Finelly.


[Written at 1:48pm on 9.14.09 ]
Everything is well. Its been a while since Ive gone here. But I only have a week left of school =]
Pther then that everything else is also amazing =]
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[Written at 10:36pm on 5.24.09 ]
Everything is great right now. I couldn't ask for anything to change, its all perfect.
I have off tomorrow from school and work for the first time in like 2 months. THANK GOD. Im going to do something sun and relaxing.

[Written at 10:20pm on 5.10.09 ]
Everything is fantastic

Love you mom happy mothers day =]

[Written at 5:02pm on 5.5.09 ]
Everything is still pretty ok I guess. this new class Im in is already kicking my ass and we have only been in there for like 4 days. I can handle it though. I got a 90 on my first quix in there so, so far so good. I shoulda got a 100 but I mixed two stupid shit laws mixed up.

I just got called into work, Im going to be working with just Nat though so its not so bad. I really need to make more money too. Im probably going to be picking like a day out of the week up.

So this shit that is going on that I cant figure out is getting more confusing.(MOM IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS, CHILLAX PLEASE) Ill figure it out sooner or later I just dont know how to think about it or how I feel about it.

Everything is alright, Ill let you non-existent readers know if I start going insane from everything thats going on.

[Written at 9:46am on 5.2.09 ]
Everything is pretty well
Im in my new MA class, it seems like it may be harder but I can handle it. Five months in this class though and we split up from the CTs and that suck, we all miss eachother hah..
Work sucks but whatever, Im prob going to have to work some days durring the week for more money.
Something else happend that I thought never ever would and it wasnt so bad. Now Im just confused on how to handle it. Ill figure it out I guess.
Other then that nothing else is really new.

[Written at 12:59pm on 4.28.09 ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I made the Honor Roll!!!!!!


[Written at 9:57pm on 4.14.09 ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Im in such a great mood lately =]
Schools great
Friends are great
Works okay
Everything else is peachy


UPDATE [Written at 9:08am on 4.11.09 ]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I stayed over Tyler's the other night. It was fun, we just watched funny TV shows. I really enjoy his company, he makes me happy. =]

Today was the first time I slept in in like three weeks. And I could only sleep until 9:30 because I cant sleep longer then that I guess.

Easter is Sunday, I don't think I'm doing anything for it.I am working though which sucks but whatever.

School is still well. I got my blood taken from a student in another class, I was shaking and my hands were sweating haha.. I was so scared, but he did just fine. i dont know how Im going to take blood from other people. I didnt think this would be a problem but Im scared hah.. I even had a problem with capillary punctures and thats just a prick on your finger hah..

I don't know whats going on with Roller Derby, I haven't been there in three weeks. I just don't have time and now that Sister quit I have to drive there and I hate driving at night. I cant see anyyyything. I'm going to go this week. I'm starting to have derby withdraw.



[Written at 2:56pm on 4.9.09 ]
Got a 95 on a quiz today, only missed one fucking question. Poo..But Im still doin good. I got my blood taken today but someone in another class. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. I was sweating and shaking, I was scared. hah..We all have to get 25 sticks to get the certification for phlebotomy. We dont need to get it but everyone is doing it, the more certifications we have the better we look =]..Its going to be hard to get all 25 people though.

[Written at 9:07pm on 4.7.09 ]
I had a really good day today. It started with a 100 on a test. Then after that its just a good day. Then I got my tax return. I saw Brandon, my most favorite person hah.. Other then that I dont know why its been such a good day. Im just in a really good mood. I think Im finally going in the right direction. Im actually proud of myself for the first time that I can think of. Im just doing good.

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[Written at 6:20pm on 3.29.09 ]
I went to the Mutter museum today. It was really neat. It was going to be a group of people but I ended up going by myself, but it was still really neat. And fuck you Im over it. =]

[Written at 7:18pm on 2.26.09 ]
School is well, its a lot to retain but I think I can handle it. I really like the school and everyone in my class. Im pretty sure we are going to have a study group this weekend for the test on monday.

I just got a job at CVS in Smithvill, thats going to be a blast =P yeah right..

Derby is good, fun..Its a good work out.

Ive already lost like 3 pounds from just not sitting on my ass all day.Thank god.

[Written at 11:15pm on 2.13.09 ]
[ mood | sick ]

The other night at Derby practice one of the best girls on the team fell doing a simple drill and broke her ankle. She had to get a plate put into her ankle. Its fucking crazy, all the shit that we do and she falls doing a simple drill and get all fucked up, and she was one of the best skaters on the team. It just sucks.

Today I got my warrant taken care off and got my license back thank god.

School starts next week I cant waitttttt. All I can think about is when I get out and get a good job makin 20 bucks an hour, saving up and moving out and starting my life. Its going to take a little while but at last Im on the right track (finally).

Though I just got sick, I hope it passes before school starts. Blahhhhh

Well Im off.. I love you


[Written at 11:18pm on 2.1.09 ]
[ mood | excited ]

I had an awesome weekend today. I went to the boardwalk, its was so nice out today. It got cold around the end of course.

I still cant wait till school to start. I cant wait to do it and get out and just have a good job. No more cashier jobs fuck you wawa and shoprite etc.

Derby still kicks ass. Its kicking my ass though, lets just say Im feeling the burn. hah.

Maggie out


SKATES NIGGA [Written at 4:38pm on 1.21.09 ]
[ mood | excited ]

My Birthday Sucked. It was an ok day for a normal day. Its just another day anyway so Its all good. I got my skates to dayyyy. They are soooo preeeetttyyyy. I love them.Im going to kill it tonight. haha..School isnt coming fast enough. I feel like a lazy piece of shit. I cant find a job and Im just sitting around, it blows. But what else am I going to do? Ive been cleaning up after my brother thats about it...My dog is making strange sounds in her sleep aww...Well my parents should be back tomorrow night-ish I miss them. But Im tired of typing now.


Happy Birthday [Written at 12:06am on 1.19.09 ]
Happy Birthday to me

I better get a fucking cake this year.

Loved this haha [Written at 2:21pm on 1.12.09 ]
you get your answers from Urban Dictionary.com

1) Your name?
Margaret- a hoe that sucks pee pee for a living and sells drugs on the corner of adams and 31st. she is really dumb... (HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA)

2) Your age?
twenty- twenty dollars worth of marijuana

3) One of your friends?
Megan-The most incredible friend anyone could ever have. She is incredibly beautiful both inside and out, even if she can't see it. She is absolutely hilarious, and extremely intelligent. She will be there for you no matter what, and gives you more than you deserve. She makes you realize all the good in life. She is your Sunshine.

4) What should you be doing?
Cleaning -Haveing fun with ur partner in a sexual manner.

5) Favorite color?
Purple- Wow check it out.
Old people wear Purple.

6) Hometown?
Cocoa- a small worthless dog that is stupid stuck up and not as awesome as any other dog

7) Month of your birthday?
January-Nantional Hangover Month. Because of the recent holadays and masive partying the general population spends the month hungover

8) Last person you talked to?
Brother- what hulk hogan usually says after a sentence

9) What did you last eat?
Crab cake-
Noun: An infected or extremely undesireable vagina.
"I'm not hitting that whore's Crab Cake."

10) Your nickname?
Maggie-A girl who doesn't trust or fall in love easily. (CAUTION: if you are lucky enough to have her fall for you, she has a soft heart that is easily hurt. Be good to her.) She can be confusing, but only needs you to tell her and things will clear up. She can be beautiful inside and out. Her spirit draws you to her like a magnet. Once you know her, everyday is new. You can never be sure that you know everything about her.

Man, you are so lucky to have a girl like maggie.

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